Thursday, July 13, 2017


Summer is a wonderful season! Long days, warm weather, change of pace and time with family are just some of the reasons to love summer. It felt like I blinked and finals, graduation, goodbyes, a middle school move, packing up and flying back to be with family all happened.

Allow me to share some of the events of the last two months.

Experiential Learning Week. It was a success for all grades. I, along with two other teachers, spent the week with the seventh graders. Multiple countries, public buses, trams, science museum,the zoo, hiking, egg drops, etc. A good time was had by all. Thank you to those who prayed for us this week! The Lord protected us and allowed us to have quality time with students outside of the classroom.

The Zoo

Preparation for the egg drop

Who will win the egg drop??

At the science museum
8th grade Graduation. The week before high school graduation we celebrate our eighth graders with a special dinner and ceremony. Each teacher reads a tribute and challenge to each eighth grade student. It is always a special evening but this year was extra special as I was able to give a tribute to Caleb. Caleb's family are dear family friends that we have known for 20 years. That kind of history is rare at a place like BFA and a real blessing to me. 

Kleenex, Starbursts and Yearbooks. Three things that may not seem to have anything in common and yet all three were a significant part of our last day at the Middle School campus of Sitzenkirch. The last day of school brings much rejoicing, year book signing and even tears. At one point we had to laugh as one teacher was walking around passing out American candy as a fun treat and another teacher was passing out kleenex to those who needed to wipe away their tears. Lots of emotions as we say goodbye to many in our community and also to the Sitzenkirch campus which has been a part of BFA for 45 years and has been the middle school campus since 2011. 

Sitzenkirch Campus
Graduation. Always a special occasion and a time to celebrate our seniors. I taught all three of these siblings and I have been privileged to mentor Naomi (the one graduating) for the last four years. 

Moving. On the hottest week of the year (so far) our Middle School was moved from Sitzenkirch back to the main Kandern campus. Our movers were amazing as the heat was oppressive and we were moving into the fourth and fifth floor of a building with no AC or elevators. 
Moving in Europe (the lift carried everything up to the top floors)
Family Time. Recently it seems that our family times together involve funerals, sickness, etc. But over the July 4th weekend we were able to all gather at my sister and brother-in-laws house in MI and enjoy each other and beautiful Lake Michigan. Adam, Jaden and Noah (my brother-in-law and two of my nephews) helped make this special chair that enabled my Mom to join us at the beach. We made quite the entrance but what a gift that Mom could join us!

Macie trying out Mom's special ride!

Next up - Mom and I will join Dad at Indian Springs Campmeeting in GA and visit some family in the area. I leave the first week of August to return and will attend TEAM’s All Europe Conference and then help begin to unpack all the boxes that were moved in June from one BFA campus to another.

A line of an old hymn has been playing in my head recently - “In every season he faithful will remain.” There have been a lot of changes in the last year and a half and we are definitely in a new season, not just of summer but of life. But Jesus is the firm foundation on which we stand and He remains faithful whatever the season, whatever the change.

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